living out of the box

Can you sit and enjoy yourself without anyone else around you? Can you live daily, being able to enjoy life without being bored out of your mind? I can, and enjoy every moment of being with me. There are some people that have a hard time being alone at all. They need to be on the phone talking, or texting someone, or having to be with a friend, husband, wife or just someone.

How can a person make someone else happy if they cannot even make their own selves happy? You can’t… Just stop putting the dependency of your happiness onto another human being. your happiness is only on YOU, not anyone else but YOU.

Why do people want to try and mold their partner into what they think they should be, instead of appreciating the person for who they are? My gosh, you told them you fell in love with them, so why are you trying to change them? You’re not God, look at yourself and stop forgetting to work on yourself. These sort of people really upset me. but not to the point of loosing sleep.



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