A Butterfly in the making

I am loving, understanding, independent, sometimes self absorbed, and wants more than anything to grow spiritually, closer to God everyday. I’m like most individuals a diamond in the rough, a butterfly in the making.

A lot of people say they are a butterfly in the cocoon stage. Me, I liken myself as the egg stuck on leaf at time lol. We can look at the butterflies life cycle, which is four stages and compare it to our spiritual life.

The female butterfly lays her eggs clustered together on a leaf. If you are in the egg stage remember there are not any eggs alone, they are clustered together. Now there are some butterfly species that lay a single egg — the Papilio polytes or common Mormon Butterfly. Even when we are in the egg stage we need other eggs around us. We can’t isolate ourselves (I’m telling myself this too!). The type of leaf the eggs are on will eventually become the caterpillar’s food. The egg stage is extremely short, only four days.

Some individuals are in the Larva stage (caterpillar). In this stage the caterpillar’s job is to eat, and eat, and eat. As people this is the stage we need to spiritually eat. A baby Christian needs to eat constantly, so we can be stronger as we grow and able to have a great foundation. In this stage the caterpillar is beautiful in its own right. The caterpillar is so hungry at this stage he will eat the egg shell. This stage the caterpillar is getting chunky but can run fast. The caterpillar will now find a safe place to spin a silk button to a leaf so it can begin to molt for the last time. It has done this several times, shedding off the old skin to uncover the new. This is what we need to do as individuals growing closer to God. We need to “wiggle” out of our old ways, habits, life and keep holding on to the “silk button” while wiggling out.

The next stage is the Pupa or chrysalis, which is very soft at first but then hardens to protect the growing butterfly inside. We need to become strong, hard and able to blend in to be protected. It’s not time for us to stand out from other at this stage. That time will come though very soon. The metamorphosis is going on inside, the mouth is changing into a straw to drink the sweet nectar from flowers and the wings are growing so it can fly high and beautiful.

The butterfly is now ready after about two weeks to break out of its shell but it cannot fly yet. It will take the butterfly about two hours to be able to fly. The wings are still little, damp and crinkly but as the butterfly hangs it is pumping it’s body fluid, called hemlymph into it wings so make them strong and grow bigger, and the wings become hard, and strong. Now the butterfly can drink and flies away, searching for sweet nectar to live.


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