A Talking Taboo


Words have significance. Even if they don’t to you personally, they can hold deeply rooted meaning to someone else.

In the past year alone I’ve witnessed several different people using their words to get themselves in trouble. I’m not necessarily talking about curse words and a slap on the wrist, I mean using words that have a certain stigma attached to them in everyday conversation getting them in trouble on a larger scale. Trying to pass taboo off as light hearted innocently while simultaneously infuriating a passerby who didn’t understand “irony” or wasn’t “in on the joke”.

My own father got in big trouble at his high security clearance job for calling someone a “retard”, a word that he didn’t really see as anything more than a lighthearted jab at at co-worker. That is until it offended another co-worker who had a mentally disabled daughter and backfired completely.

Another example happened just last night. A…

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