Get me out of this BOX

I’ve touched on this subject not only here but with my family and some friends. I cannot stress this enough, when an individual enjoys, loves to talk with, and spend time with another person, then eventually decide they want to spend the rest of their life with them, do not try to change that person you enjoy so much. EMBRACE who you are and LOVE yourself, then and only then, you will be able to embrace, love, and completely accept the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Jesus did not say “take the log out of your own eye” just for the heck of it.

But then again, there are people who do not see they are trying to change the person they are with. They will say things like, I just want you to better yourself”, or “but you look so pretty in that hair style”. Some people would think this is being loving and caring toward their partner but it really is not. Accept your partner the way he or she is. If you do not love them for who they are NOW then do them a favor, do not love them and let them go.

Now, for all those men and women who do not like when their partner is trying to change them. All I can say is, do not let them do it. Do not wear that shirt you really do not like, do not cut your hair or keep it long just because someone else likes it better. You were not born to “BE” for someone else. I know this sounds selfish but it is taking care of yourself, and being strong. This does not mean to be hateful or rude! Be yourself and if people do not like it you deserve better.

to be continued…


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