Poor mom

#dementia #frustrated #badmom #depression #elderly #Brickwall #heyIwillEditTomorrow

Like I’ve said before my mom has always made up lies but now that she’s in her later 70’s, and has taken a turn for the worse. Today once again she dropped by my house, i thought for a visit. It was quite the opposite! This “sweet” woman became a raging manic, cursing, lying and once again accusing me of stealing furniture from her.

In totally shock and in disbelief i just started crying (i have no clue why her behavior surprised me). She proceeded to tell me she will never talk to me again (I’m leaving out her curse words) and she left.

Not 5 minutes after she left i got a phone call from mom. I’m shaking now because this situation truly sucked! I answered the phone and she proceeded to scream at me. I actually hung up on her.  I had to! She called again and was a TOTALLY different person! Sweet, kind and wanting to come back over. I reluctantly agreed. We sat on the front porch and to her nothing had happened. —– now let me just run my head into a brick wall! Wow! I’m here, totally drained from my mothers fit of rage and not 20 minutes later she’s wandering why I’m crying and upset!

More later 😱


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