It happened again, but this time my mom id saying i stole jewelry from her. Im just sick to my stomach about this situation with my mom. The fact is my mom took her jewelry and sold it at a local jewelry store.  My next syep is to go to the stire and retrieve a list of items she sold. It’s sad i even need to do this, but to protect myself from her lies i do.

I’ve been discussing this horrible situation with my adult kids, which has helped a lot. They know how their grandmother is and know how to calm me.

My mother has never been a stable persin and even use to call herself “the pretender “. I really never thought anything about it until last night and looked it up online.




a person who pretends, especially for a dishonest purpose.

an aspirant or claimant (often followed by to):

a pretender to the throne.

Definition of pretender (continued)

a person who makes unjustified or false claims, statements, etc., as about personal status, abilities, intentions, or the like:


After reading this im like yep that’s her!

More latet




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